2017-Cingjing Countdown Party


 Cingjing Countdown Party 2016.12.22

Every end of the year, the highest, the best, and the most meaningful Cingjing countdown party is held jointly by Nantou County Government, Ren-ai Township Office, President Chain Store Corporation and Cingjing Visitors Association. They will make an early start for the party at 4:00 pm until 1:00 am. In addition to specialized stargazing equipment exhibition and starry sky installation art, travelers are also increasingly making a beeline for the electro music snow party. This year, artificial snow will snow thousands of square feet, visitors rubbed elbows with each other for the dream party with starry sky, electro music and snow.

The party hosts are La-ah and Yao-Yao, and performers are R-tina, Bei Yuan Shan Mao, Atayal Taiwan First Nation M-yu Dancers, Isang Bunun Dance Group, and Puli Shueishalian Dance Group, JUK Dance. When it closes to the countdown time, snowmakers will be firing on all cylinders to making the party come alive. At that time, Taiwan Disco Club legend-DJ Ricky and Asia top DJ-Jerry is about to play local electro house music to get people excited. It’s time to get high all night long.


What’s more, differ from other countdown activities, after electronic music party, astrology specialist-Price Star reveals horoscope for 2017 at once, and then everyone follow professional stargaze guide team, Teacher Liu, Zhi-An, to appreciate starry. Let’s enjoy Cingjing dream party, wave farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017. Organizer hopes that everyone will find their own star through stargaze guide.